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"???????? idk you're in love with a lot of fictional characters???" this is what my brother said when I asked him to describe me. Oh my life.


Okay but imagine a marauders era tv series in the style of the office. And the whole thing would just be James and Sirius making werewolf puns and Remus just sighing and looking directly at the camera

Emilia Clarke in the Game of Thrones S4 bloopers



I may tag things with “I’m crying” or “SCREAMING” but I am sitting in my room in the dark covered in blankets with a straight face and I literally haven’t spoken a word in over twelve hours

it’s whats on the inside that counts


Sam & Dean  +personal space




I read an article the other day that said, “if you drink every day you are an alcoholic.” Thank god I only drink every night

why do text posts these days sound like they are quotes from a 40 year old mother’s facebook


Lydia “I’m not a fucking psychic” Martin



"Do it." (x)

I understand how Sam feels at this moment…




I understand that they cut it for pacing and I agree with the choice but I love that in this scene Tony’s first reaction was to pick up a gun and fight and not just run.

I love this deleted scene so much. Not only is it wonderfully proactive, which I adore on principle, it underscores something people tend to gloss over: Tony was a weapons designer and manufacturer. He designed and built weapons for a living. He knows how to use a gun, okay? He can likely take it apart, clean it, improve it, put it back together again, and hit what he aims at. He does not need Natasha or Clint to take him to the shooting range and teach him which end of a gun goes bang. Why doesn’t the gun work here? It jammed. That’s it. It happens.

In short: Tony Stark does not need the suit to be a badass.

This is what I loved so much about IM3. It was Tony Stark being badass; not Iron Man. He doesn’t need the suit to do his job as a superhero. He has the suit because it makes him a more effective superhero.


I sometimes forget that this really happened.


I sometimes forget that this really happened.